Personal trainer

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  • 11000 lei net +
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Job Description

FAST FIT EMS Personal trainers are responsible for educating clients and enforcing policies regarding the safe and proper use of EMS equipment. Individuals holding this position must be able to develop, document, and implement one-on-one EMS programs that match the needs and goals of clients. This person must be able to instruct clients on basic exercise physiology and inform them of proper EMS exercise techniques.

On a daily basis, FAST FIT EMS trainer will carry out various tasks, starting from assessing clients’ physical condition and creating unique workout routines for them to explain the exercises in a clear and efficient way, while demonstrating how to use the training equipment safely, in order to avoid injuries.


  1. Competitive Compensation: The salary for this position is up to 13.500 RON, inclusive of a fixed salary of 6000 RON, with additional commissions based on sales and completed sessions.

  2. Comprehensive Health Coverage: The company provides medical insurance coverage, ensuring the well-being of our team members.

  3. Travel Benefits: Personal Trainers will receive a plane ticket once a year, with a value of 1850 RON, facilitating opportunities for travel and exploration.

  4. Exceptional Work Environment: Join a luxurious, professional, and rewarding work environment that embraces diversity with team members from various nationalities.

  5. Top-notch Accommodation: Enjoy accommodation with numerous amenities, including access to a gym, pool, and recreational facilities.

  6. Specialized Training: Personal Trainers will undergo specific EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) training, culminating in a Personal Trainer Certificate upon completion.

  7. Career Growth Opportunities: The company actively promotes internal growth, with numerous success stories, including 11 Branch Managers promoted from Personal Trainer positions in the last 3 years and 8 Area Managers promoted from Branch Manager roles in the last 2 years.

  8. Global Opportunities: Seize the opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia, one of the fastest-growing economies globally, contributing to both personal and professional growth.

  9. Visa Assistance: Full support will be provided in the visa application process, with the company covering associated costs, including medical expenses.

  10. Stability with a 1-Year Contract: Employees can expect job security with a minimum 1-year contract, fostering a stable and committed work relationship.

FAST FIT EMS is located in TOP 3 Major Cities in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Jeddah and Khobar, with 7 Branches in Riyadh, 2 Branches in Jeddah and 2 in Khobar.

Key Responsibilities

  • Consult with clients to understand their goals and current fitness levels. 

  • Evaluate client fitness level and skillset to plan reachable goals. 

  • Design individualized and comprehensive one-to-one fitness programs in accordance with the company policy and tools. 

  • Demonstrate and encourage correct warm-up and stretching techniques to avoid injury. 

  • Counsel and educate clients on fitness, healthy lifestyle and habits based on their fitness capabilities and goals. 

  • Educate the customers on the innovative FAST FIT EMS training methods and explain the amazing and benefits and long-lasting results. 

  • Explain exercises in detail and suggest alternatives if needed, ensuring that clients train safely with proper form and technique. 

  • Provide innovative and challenging exercises to keep clients engaged and motivated while respecting the FAST FIT policies regarding training procedures. 

  • Guide and assist actively the clients during their training sessions. 

  • Monitor the progress of clients’ fitness levels and provide them with regular feedback and accountability on their progress in a manner which suits each individual client. 

  • Proactively seek feedback from your customers and your co-workers in order to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and to improve. 

  • Use the in-depth knowledge to answer clients' questions and concerns. 

  • Keep up to date with the latest health and fitness trends, techniques and best practice essential to providing the highest-quality services to clients. 

  • Adjust the client personalized plans as goals are reached. 

  • Advise the customers on how to change their nutritional and lifestyle habits as needed. 

  • Perform CPR and give first aid in case of emergencies.

  • Recognize your limitations in services and techniques and engage only in activities that fall within the boundaries of your professional credentials and competencies. Refer clients to other professionals for issues that fall beyond your current competencies. 

  • Record accurately your clients' training plans and track the relevant paperwork.

  • For body screening, fitness assessment and exercise technique, follow the standards outlined by FAST FIT EMS 

  • Build and maintain positive, professional, and trusting relationships with clients based on mutual respect and appreciation. 

  • Communicate with clients and co-workers in a professional and courteous manner. 

  • Create the best environment and atmosphere for our clients in accordance with company policy (music, temperature, fragrance, etc) 

  • Act as a positive role model for all FAST FIT EMS clients. 

  • Promote FAST FIT EMS fitness packages and plans to increase your client database. 

  • Present FAST FIT plans and subscription when soliciting new clients to sign up. 

  • Assist with membership retention strategies for existing clients. 

  • Follow up effectively with the new clients and existing members to ensure their regular attendance. 

  • Work with the management and fellow staff to ensure effective operation of FAST FIT EMS. 

Skill & Experience

  • Degree in Kinesiology or Sports Science is a plus. 

  • Previous experience as a personal trainer or relevant role is a plus. 

  • Sales experience is a plus.

  • Professional certification 

  • First aid and CPR training and certification 

  • Knowledge of various fitness programs, from basic exercises to more challenging training sessions

  • Excellent social, written and verbal communication skills. 

  • Excellent time keeping and organizational skills. 

  • Problem solving and stress management skills. 

  • Impeccable customer service and client focus 

  • Strong knowledge of fitness training, exercises and body anatomy

  • Positive attitude, encouraging, and patient with clients when instructing. 

  • Enthusiastic, encouraging attitude. 

  • Friendly and outgoing personality 

  • Passionate about fitness and health

  • Able to work flexible hours, early mornings, nights, weekends, and holidays. 

  • Able to guide and motivate clients. 

  • Able to maintain appropriate physical fitness levels at all times. 

  • Able to perform physical exercises for long periods of time.

  • Able to work with clients who may need specialized attention. 

  • Able to work with a range of individuals with different backgrounds and motivations.

  • Able to build positive and professional relationships with clients. 

  • Able to deliver a high level of customer care. 

  • Able to inspire and motivate clients. 

  • Able to use information technology for a range of purposes including record keeping, sessions scheduling, session reminders, sales and invoicing, client management and to analyze clients' progress.